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For Fall I have been really feeling chunky over sized sweaters, solids, and prints. They're perfect for the weather and still very stylish. It's an absolute must to have a flat pair of comfortable boots. I've also been loving scarfs; solid scarves and printed ones. Due to the cold weather in San Francisco  I have been forced to wear them and I've grown to love them. Lastly,  I have been obsessing  over satchels they are so handy and perfect. In a neutral color they add a casual yet studious look to any outfit. What are your Fall must haves?



I have completely fell in love with the natural hair epidemic. I have been natural all of my life but I love all the information that's now available on the topic. I'm admire all of the people who are taking this journey, it's such a beautiful thing. I am currently getting into the proper care for my hair. I enjoy finding inspiration because I get tired of my curly hair sometime and I don't want to damage it by straightening it all the time. What are your opinions on the natural hair movement?



Wet-n-Wild: Lipsticks

For the last few months I have been trying out the Wet-n-Wild lipsticks and I am absolutely loving them! These are the four colors I have so far but I've only tried two. (The two on the outer ends.) The one farthest to the left is a bit too light for me but my guess is that the others are going to look just great with my skin tone. The thing I do love about these lipsticks are the color pay off and the packaging. The colors are very rich and the packing is so small and sleek but most of all the prices are unbeatable! One of the lipsticks came in a small pack with a lip liner and was on sale for $1.99! It was a must have but even without that deal they are only about $3.00 at your nearest drugstore. I am really loving them! There were two more that I was unable to get but I am most definitely going back for them! I know for my darker women it is sometimes a struggle finding the right colors that look just right. Often times colors are too light where it makes our lips look chapped and very unattractive. (the lip gloss to the far left is an example unless worn with a colored lip gloss.) For the most part Wet-n-Wild has done a great job giving us colors that show up and feel good. Have you guys tried any? If so please share I would like to know your experience with the colors and if there are any more that I need to try!



Dress shopping & Wedding Night

About a week ago I went dress shopping for my uncles wedding that is September 8th. I was having trouble deciding what to wear so here's a little sneak peak. You know They say you're never supposed to wear white. And you never want to really wear black although it's such a great color. Black goes with everything and its so slimming, why not? Well black is such a gloomy color for a upbeat wedding. I knew I wanted to wear black and white and spice it up with accessories. These are the two dresses I tried on in Forever 21. The first one on the right I loved the shape but The fabric was a bit looser than i wanted not to mention it make me look a little pudgy. I had to shimmy my way in it. The one on the left is the one I chose it was fitted like I wanted and looked a little more slimming. I can't wait to show you guys the end result of the whole ensemble.

Here are a few photos from the wedding and the outfit I decided to go with. I had such a great night dancing and laughing with my family.


Pinkberry is in SF!

Did I mention that Pinkberry is finally in San Francisco! Its been far too long. I am from Palo Alto and I remember when they first moved to the Stanford Shopping Center and I had my first yogurt. I fell in love with it and it is such a perfect snack especially when the weather is nice. Sadly, the weather is not always nice in SF, but I am glad I have the option to have Pinkberry close to me again. I also tried Raspberry with waffle waffers, which I will be getting when the don't have my regular (original with cheesecake bites, lol!) There are a lot of popular yogurt places around but Pinkberry is my favorite of them all. Which do you prefer?

Julisa's Must Have's

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These are some of the things I absolutely love and are an essential part of my every day wardrobe.



Wet n Wild Megalast

 (colors left to right:Undercover Espionne, I Need a Refresh-Mint, Club Havana)
(Currently wearing: I Need a Refresh -Mint)

About a week ago, I had this random urge to buy nail polish. I was sitting in class and I just made up my mind, right then and there, I was going to buy polish after class! So, I went Downtown SF to about 3 drug stores and bought 3 Wet n Wild polishes and 2 Sinful Colors. I paint my nails quite often; I've been in to it since I was a kid. I personally don't like toes unpolished EVER so they're always painted even when they aren't showing.

I am currently obsessing over these Megalast colors. I really like the packaging and the thick applicator brush. It allows you to do less strokes and covers so much more surface.  I am more of a neutral type of girl but I am slowly branching out with colors but neutrals will always be my go to. Are there any colors and trends out there that you guys are feeling this spring and summer?



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