Wet-n-Wild: Lipsticks

For the last few months I have been trying out the Wet-n-Wild lipsticks and I am absolutely loving them! These are the four colors I have so far but I've only tried two. (The two on the outer ends.) The one farthest to the left is a bit too light for me but my guess is that the others are going to look just great with my skin tone. The thing I do love about these lipsticks are the color pay off and the packaging. The colors are very rich and the packing is so small and sleek but most of all the prices are unbeatable! One of the lipsticks came in a small pack with a lip liner and was on sale for $1.99! It was a must have but even without that deal they are only about $3.00 at your nearest drugstore. I am really loving them! There were two more that I was unable to get but I am most definitely going back for them! I know for my darker women it is sometimes a struggle finding the right colors that look just right. Often times colors are too light where it makes our lips look chapped and very unattractive. (the lip gloss to the far left is an example unless worn with a colored lip gloss.) For the most part Wet-n-Wild has done a great job giving us colors that show up and feel good. Have you guys tried any? If so please share I would like to know your experience with the colors and if there are any more that I need to try!

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