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I am for sure in love with this Rocco handbag by Alexander Wang! I know I am a bit late but it's the bomb and not to mention it has Rose Gold detailing which is my absolute favorite part. The size is perfect and I've always loved the duffle/round shaped bags.

We all know that big to medium sized bags fit our entire lives in them and we don't have to worry about anything not fitting. I do not like one of these bags more than the other but every purse I own is black so it's time that I start expanding in my color choices. I fell in love with the bag in Nordstroms a few days ago when my husband and I were out and now I am in love!



The List

The List

3. Jordan Gamma Blue 4. Zara coat 5. Lebron 11 Miami Nights

These are somethings that I've been wanting for a while or awaiting their releases. Its about time for my MK upgrade and I really want one of these Parker watches. 

I also am head over heels for neutral palettes and I own both, the Naked 1 and 2 palettes. It would only be right to finish off my collection with the 3.

 I am a shoe girl and I adore these Gamma Blues the first two releases my husband purchased the Concords and the Breds but these I would LOVE! As for the coat, I fell in love with one of these coats in a peachy pink color that I saw Shirley Eniang (http://www.meek-n-mild.com/) wearing and I love the style.

 Lastly, the Lebron Miami Nights. I was NOT a big fan of this shoe until I saw the color release! I surprised my husband with a red pair he was obsessing over them but now I am obsessing over these I need them lol! 

What are you asking for for Christmas? Have you got your Naked Palette 3?



Another Black pair of Heels

Block Heel Sandal -Zara.com

I admire a chunky heel thats is comfortable to walk in but elegant. Of course you can never go wrong with black and you can never have too many black shoes. The detailing on the heel and the strap makes them pop! I would love to have these in my collection.


New Lippie!

Homegirl Kat Von D lipstick | Pleasant Plum lip liner

For a while I have been wanting to find a dark lipstick that would be great for Fall. Often times the colors are deep red wine colored but when you put them on they aren't as dark as they seem. I went into Sephora and one of the staff pointed me in the direction of Kat Von D's Homegirl. I walked around with it for the longest time and decided not to get but ended up going back for it! I love it.

What are your favorite Fall lipsticks?

For Fall....

 Studded Bag | Black Knit sweater | Faux Fur Vest | Pants | Black shoes

I finally got to pick up some things for Fall/ Winter. Of course Forever 21, Love Culture, H&M, and Target made it all possible. 

I have been loving some trends I've been seeing for Fall like faux leather pants, over sized chunky knits, of course faux fur, and boots with buckle details and hardware. 


Long Awaited: Naked Palette 3

 Images from www.xsparkage.com/

I am beyond excited for the release of the new Naked Palette 3. It's a must have and I can't wait to add it to my Naked collection. The packaging is still very sleek. I like that UD decided to keep the hard outer shell. That way it's somewhat indestructible, unlike the 1st generation palette. 

However, the inside of the palette looks very similar. Starting from the left to right with the lightest color to the darkest. These colors all have a rose golden shimmer that I love! I have heard many people say that the 1st and 2nd palette look very similar when they wear them so, I am hoping this palette offers a new look. As for me, I love neutral colors! You can never have too many because they're great  for everyday wear. 

What do you guys think of Naked Palette 3?



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As I mentioned before in a previous post I have been loving these over-sized coats. They remind me of stylish lab coats. I need them !


Isabel Marant for H&M

Images from H&M.com

The H&M website has put up the countdown to the Isabel Marant collection launch who's excited?!? This would be the first H&M collection I've had time to catch. After browsing the looks I did see a few things I would love to have! However, I do not know if I will go out and get them. 

What pieces are you guys planning to snatch up?


Inspiration: Love it

        Source: Meek~n~Mild

I am so in love with these over sizes blazer jackets. I need them in my life. I love blazers in general but THESE are so cute!!! 

And can we talk about the very popular origami skort/shorts. I've been eying these but I'm a little skeptical since it'll be getting cold soon. I think I may just break down and get some. I've seen them in so many cute colors and I love the way these look dressed up with a blazer and the right shoes.

Just a little Fashion Inspiration.

Images from Tumblr


Makeup Haul


 MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW44 | Elf small stipple brush | Elf Brow gel | Elf Liquid liner | IMAN Concealer | NYX lipstick | butter gloss

I hope everyone is doing well! Today I went out and picked up somethings. You know those days when you're at home and you're thinking of things you need that go with something you've already bought or something you've been wanting to try? For me today was one of those days. lol

A few days ago I made up my mind that it was time for a full coverage MAC foundation. So, I did some research and I went out and got one. I absolutely love it! I am working on mastering my "beat down" technique. I am almost out of concealer so I decided to try brand I had been eying, which was the IMAN cosmetic line for women of color.

I also picked up more liquid liner... which was way over due! I used to wear black liquid liner every day, it's my thing. Now that I am restocked I am back in effect!

I also decided to try a few new things and I ended up getting Elf brow gel,  NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu, and a nude lipstick in Circa.

Do you have a favorite brand of concealer?



Sweet Delight: Pink Cake Batter Popcorn

Image from Google

I knew as soon as I saw this recipe it was something I had to try! I saw this recipe on the HRH Blog and it looked quick and easy. I had all the ingredients so I decided to try it out and put my own little spin on it.

The changes I made were using the popcorn I had which was buttery kettle popcorn that's why it looks buttery. I also decided to use it because it's Kettle Corn so its already a little sweet. I also used pink sprinkles rather than colorful ones because pink is my favorite color.

 Like I mentioned before, it's a very quick treat that can be whipped up. All you need is popcorn, cake mix (in its dry form), vegetable oil, and white chocolate chips. You melt the chips, stir in the cake mix, and add the vegetable oil pour over the already popped popcorn and then let it sit and harden. 
AND BOOM! All done!

I think this would be so cute on holidays or for events/ parties with a little changing of the sprinkle colors. I love it!


Elegant Statement Pieces

Elegant Statement Pieces

I have always loved chunky statement jewelry, whether it be rings, bracelets, or necklaces. These necklaces are so gorgeous! I love how such a strong elegant piece can create the perfect casual look by being paired with a fashion t-shirt or sweater.

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