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During our field trip to the downtown stores Nieman Marcus and Barney's we looked at the retail collections of the designers we have studied thus far. The in store atmosphere was great. It was very interesting seeing the setup and visuals of each brand hanging on the racks opposed to coming down the runway. Actually feeling the materials and seeing the items up close really brought the experience full circle. I paid attention to a few of the designers I found most interesting throughout the course. The four being Bottega Veneta, Prorsum, Missoni, and Mary Katrantzou.

One of the premier designers at Nieman Marcus, Bottega Veneta, used a very fitted and feminine silhouette. Some pieces included prints and colors that are very wearable.   

 A second Premier Designer at Nieman Marcus is Burberry Prorsum, they displayed their classic trenches with a different flare and silhouette to each. They had the classic knee length, a laser cut detailed trench, and others that didn't look so wearable as if it was straight off of the runway and put on the hanger. There were bright colors, very full, and large silhouettes with rounded off shoulders. A lot of the colors are wearable but there were many pieces that were not.

During the trip to Barney's, Missoni stayed true to their bright colors and patterns. 
The silhouettes are feminine short and flirty. The colors range from deeper colors 
like blue to more vibrant colors like purple, orange, and green.

Images from Nieman Marcus.com and Barneys.com

Mary Katrantzou also brought prints over into the retail space. 
These pieces are more wearable but still provide a sense of architectural structure 
by the use of colors and patterns.
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