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           While studying the Fall/ Winter 2013 collections this quarter I have learned about reemerging, Avant Garde, French, and Italian fashion designers to name a few.  I've also learned some new things about myself and confirmed others. I learned that I enjoy watching fashion shows more than I once did. Not only do I like seeing the collections come down the runway but I admire the scenes and sets surrounding them. I've also confirmed that I love architectural fashions and designs. I admire pieces with asymmetrical shapes, points, bold colors, and most of all proportions are my favorite. Below are five of my favorites:

For F/W 13 Peter Pilotto used black, white, and hints of colors that were very bold paired with boxy and squared off silhouettes. Shoulders were either squared off, rounded, or  pointed. Silhouettes were also very sculptural in shape. One of my favorite looks was the full skirt with panels that flared outward and pointed geometric shoulders. Other looks I enjoyed were the looks that were covered in kaleidoscope like prints. 

Peter Pilotto has become to be one of my new favorite designers because I admire how he creates silhouette through patterns and shapes on the body. Also the way he uses a mixture of bright colors with lots of black and white.

Balmain used a very rich color palette full of sheen and metallics. The colors used were bright pink, royal purple, and, emerald green. There were tulip shaped mini skirts and jackets and harem pants that were loose in top and fitted at the bottom that created a very genie like sillhouette. Some tops were very high and full with large shoulders and sleeves and others were low cut or very deep v-necks paired with cinched waists. 

I absolutely adored this collection it had very dramatic pieces that I could definitely see myself wearing! Obviously not for everyday wear but the pieces in this collection looked like a lot of fun and very elegant but very edgy.

Balenciaga's F/W 13 collection was all black and white and played with textures and patterns. The patterns were black and white faux marble or vice versa and others were cracked paint in black and faded stripes. The collection also included mohair knits. The silhouettes were very feminine with fitted, molded, and rounded shapes.

I most of all enjoyed the classic femininity of the looks in this collection and I loved the all black and white. On a day to day black and white seem to be the play it safe colors but they do often make quite the statement! I also enjoyed the use of the marble and cracked textures in addition to the black and white.

Bottega Veneta was very feminine with a flare. Silhouettes were very full with ruffled panel detailing. Other silhouettes were very sleek and fitted stopping at the knee. Waists were cinched with skinny belts and shoulders were accentuated and slightly pointed. In this collection wool was used and the seems were exposed along with draped and layered necklines. Colors used were pink, red, and neutrals which make a great statement of softness and all things related to a woman's beauty.

I enjoyed the detailing in this collection. the exaggerated shoulders but still very classic. I can appreciate and seek out edgy classic looks in my everyday wardrobe. I think its absolutely perfect to have that formal yet classy look with something hard and edgy to make you stand out and turn heads. Whether its a big ruffle, bold shoulders, or a standing collar.

Jason Wu used a lot of black, white, and grey with pops of colors like red and blue. There were also furs and some prints. The looks were very feminine but edgy using flowing chiffon and sheer stripes and leather to add a little hardness in with the soft. Some silhouettes were long and flowing while others were short and flirty with no sleeves. 

Like I mentioned before I appreciate when soft and hard meets. Jason Wu did that quite well in this collection. The materials and the shapes and angles that were created definitely brought this collection to life.

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