RiRi Hearts Mac Fall Collection

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Hi, lovelies is everyone obsessing over the RiRi Hearts Mac Collection?

Yesterday during my last day of vacation I headed over to the Mac store to check out what
theyhad and ended up buying the "Her Cocoa" quad. I was a little indecisive because
I love neutral makeup and I have a lot of golds, nudes, and browns already
but I stuck with it.

That was actually my first Mac "cosmetics" purchase. Crazy right!
I was loving the blush, both quads, and the brushes. I didn't buy everything because I am
starting out slow and I wasn't supposed to be shopping lol
but I am head over hills for the rose gold and hot pink packaging!
What are you ladies planning on buying rom the collection?


Neutral Polishes

My most used neutral polishes

For the last year I have been completely obsessed with Neutral nail polishes. 
They are very classy and wearable for any event. I also love my bright colors
 but my neutrals go with every outfit and they look so simple and clean. 

Today I went out to grab a clear top coat and left with four polishes! Im a nail polish addict.
 Some of my favorite brands are Essie, Sephora, Revlon, NYC, and Wet-N-Wild. I
 am currently in the process of finding a nail polish storage system that works for me.

 My polishes are currently in a bin that is almost over flowing and I am thinking about
 buying a wall hanging nail polish rack. A lot of my vanity drawers are filled with 
makeup and jewelry and the bottles are to tall. So, I think the rack is the best choice.


Let us take a moment to ponder on this Target collection 
that was filled with such great fashion and not to mention great accessories! 
I actually miscalculated the release date and almost missed out.
 I've read some intense posts on IG and online 
about the lines and people's shopping experiences .
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I Have Returned!

 It is so great to be back so many things have happened while I was away! Great things! 
I am so glad to be back and catch up. I stopped posting to focus on school. 

As of now, I want to put my life and everything in me into this blog 
and now that I am officially done with school (YES, I GRADUATED!) I can work on doing that. 
I am now also married!!!! So, I am no longer in San Francisco and relocated to Sacramento. 
I am extremely happy and I am in a very good place and I am ready to get back to doing what I love. Which is blogging about fashion, beauty, and life. 

I have re-branded myself and I am ready to give my all. 
I am in the process of re-branding the blog and what it looks like 
so please give me some time to get things completely together 
and the ball will be rolling shortly!

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