I Have Returned!

 It is so great to be back so many things have happened while I was away! Great things! 
I am so glad to be back and catch up. I stopped posting to focus on school. 

As of now, I want to put my life and everything in me into this blog 
and now that I am officially done with school (YES, I GRADUATED!) I can work on doing that. 
I am now also married!!!! So, I am no longer in San Francisco and relocated to Sacramento. 
I am extremely happy and I am in a very good place and I am ready to get back to doing what I love. Which is blogging about fashion, beauty, and life. 

I have re-branded myself and I am ready to give my all. 
I am in the process of re-branding the blog and what it looks like 
so please give me some time to get things completely together 
and the ball will be rolling shortly!

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