Naked Palette 3 & Naked Basics: Review

With very little advertising or announcement the Naked Palette 3 arrived. When I say arrived, I MEAN ARRIVED.

Urban Decay who is known for their high pigmented colors released the first edition 
Naked palette a few years back. The First palette was very popular with it's neutral shades and the ability to be worn from day to night. The packaging was velvety with gold writing that began to fade over time. The palette also came with a small sample size of UD Eye primer potion that is the bomb!

A year or so later UD released the second edition of the Naked Palette, which happened to be my favorite. The packaging was upgraded to sleek hard outer shell that wouldn't allow for fading or tearing and came with a large beautiful mirror that is great for on the go touch ups. The colors in the Naked 2 Palette took a shift towards a more gold undertone with a mix of satin and shimmery colors, but was still very wearable. 

Towards the end of 2013, with very little advertising or announcement the Naked Palette 3 arrived. When I say arrived, I MEAN ARRIVED. The hard packaging remained with slightly different touches. A ripple detail across the top and a pinkish/ gold color.  
The shadow colors, are everything! This time around the palette was more of a rose gold color scheme the colors all with pink shimmer even the darkest color. This palette is my personal favorite! I love rose gold and I love anything neutral! It is also still wearable from day tonight which is a major thing for me. Overall, I'd recommend these palettes.

The Naked Basics is a mini delight! 
If you're a lover of neutrals and don't like carrying your larger more expensive palettes in your purse this is a good one for on the go. It has all of the basic neutral colors to complete many day to night looks from the lightest shadow to the darkest black for smoking out looks. 
Not to mention, it also has a very nice mirror. The packaging is very petite and clean with a suede like outer shell. 

I buy Urban Decay Shadows and I love the Naked palette collections
 and I do use them almost everyday. ( Mostly the 2 and 3)

(I purchased the above products with my own money 
and these are my honest opinions.)

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