Mini Haul: Recent Purchases

So,  I've been buying and trying new things. Just looking to grow my collections as far as makeup, hair products, and fashion.

Pretty much all the things I love! Not to mention I am finding out that I am a product junkie. I watch reviews on YouTube before I go out and purchase things to hear what the word on the products are so I don't end up wasting my money. YouTube is a great resource. Or, I see something and I fall in love with it and I just buy it. As a marketer, sadly, I'd have to say I am an impulse shopper at times. (Bad me! lol) Anywho.....

 My ever growing makeup....
 I heard that Urban Decay released a new Naked lip gloss line that contains nine shades. If you know me, you know I am obsessed with all things Naked ! (lol from Urban Decay, that is!) So I had to try it! The colors are theee bomb!
 I am obsessed with the Sugar Lip treatments by fresh! They smell so good!

 For the longest time I was on the search for a very dark lipstick that wasn't black. I found it! Mac's Cyber. Love it! It's a dark plum like color.

My new favorite blush by Wet-N-Wild ! It looks so good on my skin complexion! Yesss!
I have recently got into wearing a full face of makeup (on occasion). I am so picky! I cannot get with the bright ashy pinks or bright pinks. I like a subtle warm natural look. This does it!

I am currently trying powder and foundation from Iman's cosmetic line also, a Tru blend powder that I am using for highlighting. I've also got my hands on the infamous beauty blender! The real one! yes!  Also I have been wanting a ten color concealer palette and I now own one. Yay!

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