Peter Pilotto for Target: The Review and Experience

I must say, for this to be my first time actually shopping on launch day, things went extremely well!

Hello wonderful people! Happy Presidents Day! 
 I know I am a little late but I am still very excited about my purchase from the latest Target collab!
Ever since the announcement of the collaboration I knew this would be a collection I wanted pieces from. I first heard about Peter Pilotto my last year in college and fell in love with their bold prints and very structured clothing.

So, about the experience! It wasn't bad at all. My husband and I were first in the store out of about five others. Unfortunately, the Target near us did not have the full line (accessories, shoes, swim, etc.) I rushed around fixtures looking for the pieces I had previously picked out online and I didn't see not one piece! Nor did my husband. However, I did see two cute and wearable tops that I had not seen before so I grabbed them and we journeyed to another nearby Target that did have the entire line. There, I grabbed my swim top, and tote bag. 

Okay, enough about the experience here's what I got!

(All of my tops are in size Large. With the material of these tops I prefer them to be loose fitting )

 The stitching is well done. It doesn't look like the threads will become loose at all. The materials used are polyester and spandex and they feel great. I did think this top would be a bit more stretchy.

The tote bag is also sturdy, as far as the straps and the bottom goes. The bag is somewhat stiff. Very much like a beach bag or a very fashionable reusable shopping bag (lol). On the inside its very spacious and has a few side compartments. So, it could be used as an everyday bag. All of the items I purchased were very much on the subtle side. Very wearable and not toooo busy! I can deal with a little print.
I love it! Well done Peter Pilotto X Target!


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