New Swimsuit

  I finally found a swimsuit ! YAY!

So, for my birthday last month 
I originally planned on going to a water park, here in Sacramento. A few years back 
I tried to have a water park birthday and it was awful!!! 

It was super windy and kind of cold, which ruined the enjoyment. Not to mention my birthday is on the first day of summer! This year I wanted to give it another shot and I spent weeks before hand searching for swimsuit bottoms to go with my Peter Pilloto top and I couldn't find anything. 
So, after I decided not to go to the water park I found a really cute mix-n-match suit 
from my job. I was super excited.

I haven't got to wear it yet. I think I am going to save it for my anniversary vacay! (even though the top isn't the best fit.) I am going to make it work! Lately, I've been buying everything with print, and tribal/ aztec print and it was a must that I have high waist bottoms (I love the look). 
I love the first option the best with the pink bottoms and printed top! 


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