Female Entrepreneur: Ming Lee

Do you all know who Ming Lee aka King Ming is or am I late?

Well if you don't know her, she is a female entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan. She started out as a hairstylist and in 4 short years she has created a successful brand and business for herself, by the name of Snob Life. In July of 2013 she opened a fabulous and super chic hair salon (Snob Life Studio). Did I mention, She started her business with $500! She also does Marketing and Branding seminars to inspire and educate other female entrepreneurs on their business journeys.

 The reason I adore Ming Lee and was drawn to her brand is because it's such a great story! A story of consistent hustle, empowerment, and success. Not to mention, she's a sista from Detroit! I love it! I enjoy seeing women come together and educate and pull one another up rather than putting each other down. Ming is so positive and the words that she shares are truly an inspiration. Also, I love all things sparkly and chic with a touch of street style. I think that's what Ming's brand is all about! 


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