Just a day Out

Hope you all have had a great start to your week. Lately, I have been enjoying my Sundays quite a bit. It happens to be one of the only days my husband and I share off so we usually spend some quality time and not to mention the weather has been perfect lately! I've also got around to doing the first outfit post of the year! 


Nail Files| Neutrals, Bases & Top Coats

You can never have too many of your favorites, can you?



What's in My bag

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope you all are keeping your spirits up, we're half way through the week. Keep Pushing! But if you work in retail like I do, we don't really know where the middle or the end of the week is because there is hardly any full weekends for relaxation any more,  right?! Lol.


A little Chat and Inspiration

Hey everyone, happy "Sunday Funday"! I hope everyone is relaxing and getting ready to do great things this week. This post is going to be a little different. I want to speak to you all from my heart and I hope to inspire and motivate through more post like this by sharing a little of my life. 


Nail Files| Essie The Cashmere Collection

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone is well. I have been dealing with quite a bit of change lately in my day to day and I am adjusting and trying to stay on top of things (hence no post yesterday..please forgive me!)

Lets talk Nails!!! It's one of my favorite things to do in my down time. 


Milani Lippies (UPDATED)


 Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope everyone is rejoicing just as much as I am for it to be the weekend! 

I finally got my hands on some Milani statement lipsticks. Some of you may have heard a lot about them and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. So, I went to my local CVS which was the only place in my area that had a few left!  Everything was sooooo picked over. I wanted to try some other colors but these were two colors (Double Espresso and Sweet Nectar) of lipstick that I didn't have but have been searching for and that weren't sold out.



The New Classic

 Every girl needs a classic heel...one that is timeless.


The Change

Long time no blogging! Well we're Back!

It feels so good to be back. Hope all is well with everyone! I have been plotting a come back for sometime but the timing was just never right. But today on March 1st 2015, I want to say welcome to the new blog The Fashion Entity! New url, new look and I hope you all love it! There will be a new post every Monday and Friday and a little more in between. I am also working on another project with another fashion website where you all can find me posting there on Wednesdays ( More details to follow so stay tuned!)

I am also trying to use my Twitter more! There you will find little updates and information about whats going on on the blog. I am also on Instagram all day errrday, you can for sure find me there! Lastly, please be sure to like TheFashionEntity on Facebook so you don't miss any good stuff!

I am so excited to be talking and sharing more with you all this year! 
Tune in tomorrow at noon for the first new post on The Fashion Entity. 

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