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Hey everyone, happy "Sunday Funday"! I hope everyone is relaxing and getting ready to do great things this week. This post is going to be a little different. I want to speak to you all from my heart and I hope to inspire and motivate through more post like this by sharing a little of my life. 

As I've mentioned in a previous post things have been a little off but I am remaining dedicated to posting even if the posts are a little later than planned. At work there have been so many unexpected changes going on that are kind of scary but that have created so much room for opportunity and growth. Lately, I've been more open minded and becoming more comfortable with things that scared me before. Or things I've tried to avoid. I am taking on more responsibility and making more sacrifices for my future. 

I just wanted to share with you all that when doors begin to open in your life although change might be scary and people might doubt you and sometimes you may have a little doubt yourself...go for it! In order to be great and achieve great things you have to take a step and even if its the wrong step, keep going, and that next step might be the step that takes you to where you want to go. But you'll never know unless you take that step. Also never let others talk you out of your dreams or make you feel as if you can't do something. Some people will talk you out of your dreams because they didn't go after there own. Don't let that happen.

This week, take a step towards something you've always wanted, set a goal and work toward achieving it. Or try something that you never thought you could do!
It'll be worth it and it'll be a journey that we're on together.


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