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Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone is well. I have been dealing with quite a bit of change lately in my day to day and I am adjusting and trying to stay on top of things (hence no post yesterday..please forgive me!)

Lets talk Nails!!! It's one of my favorite things to do in my down time. 

If you know me personally, I can bet that many of you have never seen me without nail polish on. That's just a thing I have. I will never wear sandals with out my toes done and maybe once or twice I may not have nail polish on my fingers over a few month time span. I also have a very large nail polish collection ( a medium sized container fuuuulll!)

This weekend I got to grab a couple polishes from the Cashmere Matte Collection from one of my favorite brands...that would be Essie of course! The line has six polishes and the two I picked up are two of the medium to darker colors.

(Comfy in Cashmere and Coat Couture) 

I am realizing after this purchase that I have a love hate relationship with matte polish and matte top coats.
I love the look of it but honestly it's not the easiest to work with, depending on the brand. These two polishes have a shimmer undertone that is very subtle when worn matte and is accentuated a bit more when worn with a top coat. The polish looks its best with 2-3 coats and doesn't streak or leave ridges when spread properly. 

( wearing Coat Couture w/ top coat)

I love Essie as a brand. I love the formula and their color collections are always on point! They are a little on the pricey side for individual polishes so I buy them when I am treating myself!

These are my own honest opinions and these products were purchased with my own money.


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