Nail Files| Neutrals, Bases & Top Coats

You can never have too many of your favorites, can you?

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well! Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite/ most used nail polishes. I have quite a large nail polish collection and I do my nails quite often and I have a little regimen as well. I'd have to say it's a guilty pleasure of mine. Often times I wear neutral polish because it goes with everything and its pretty subtle and sophisticated. I am also not super particular when it comes to brands. I do have my preferences but I do use a variety of brands. Some of my go to brands are Essie, NYC, Forever21 brand and Sinful colors. Recently I've grown to like So Kate.

What I look for in a neutral polish is little to no streaking and great coverage. I also like hues that have a pinkish tint or a a few shades off from white because they look natural but don't completely blend into my skin.

One of the most important parts of nail care and getting a great look is a good base coat and top coat. The base coats I use are typically affordable in price and do a good job on preventing staining and promoting strong nails. I also look for a great top coat that prevents chipping and making the color last. One of my favorite top coats that I use religiously is NYC's "In a New York Minute" ( pictured second in line). It is a quick dry top coat. The drying process is the hardest part of the process for me so why not speed it up. I've also tried a few top matte top coats which I have a love hate relationship as some of you may know. They do mattify but over time they have a dull shine which to me there should be no shine and it chips faster ( I've noticed). However I love the effect and the look of matte colors.

What are you favorite nail polish brands/ colors I'd love to give them a try! 



  1. Love your neutral nail polish colors! Will have to give some of them a try!

    1. Aww thanks Janean, Hope all is well! ! I am obsessed ! They're also very affordable :)


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