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Hi everyone! There has been so much going on in my life for the past couple of months that's why I haven't posted in a while. I've been promoted at my job (if you follow me on IG you may know already). Its just been a fast paced whirlwind and a lot of ups and downs. As well trying to balance time with my husband and his crazy work schedule! Thanks to those of you who've been keeping TFE on your radar and following on Instagram :)

So, not only is my birthday quickly approaching but summer time is pretty much here in Sacramento. That means its time to start getting rid of things and transitioning into light weight pieces, shorts, and sandals. My shopping trips often turn into a hunt for things that are great year-round but also things that are work appropriate as well as, the perfect shoe...I stand on my feet for eight plus hours a day and everything hurts. I still want to be cute but I don't want to damage anything (I am too young for that!) lol. I grabbed some things I had been eying for a couple months and came up on some unexpected things as well! 

 A pair of black sandals with some cute detailing and a double wrap strap. I wear sandals all the time when the weather is nice, they're just so convenient. I also had to have these peep toe booties. I spotted them before they even made it to the sales floor (LOL!)

This silver statement necklace that I am so in love with I've had it for a little while but I had to get it in gold too. I have so much silver and if something is your favorite or one of your most worn items why not get it in all the colors?

I have always loved tribal and Aztec prints so these loose fitting pants that are sooo comfy were a must. I want every color in this style of pant.!

After months of picking this up and putting it down and trying it on I finally decided to go for it! There's nothing that haunts me more than the things I don't buy! This light weight black trench is perfect for spring and summer when you need to cover your arms. Its also a good piece for dressing up or dressing down. I love this look.

I also bought another bathing suit because I love one piece cutouts and its pink. Its not my favorite shade of pink but this will be my replacement for my favorite H&M cutout that I've just about grown out of.

After buying the last two pairs of shoes I was reminded how much I clearly love my black shoes! lol Black just goes with everything! I'll talk to you all soon :) Thanks for stopping by.

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