I could not be more blessed to have a loving husband who has the sweetest heart ! Our anniversary is approaching and this is what he got me....

Of course I have been dreaming of the day I owned a high-end designer handbag or Louis Vuitton bag. Especially when you go to school for fashion and you spend endless days researching and learning about designers and all of their great designs. Its pretty hard to not want to indulge in such fine fashion regardless of the price. I believe that everyone deserves a little luxury! 

 I originally wanted the black one but they did not have it in the store and it made me think about how 90% of the bags I own are black which made me reconsider. I decided to go with the plum color and I knew I wanted a dark color that went with just about everything and that wouldn't get dirty or Patina. I wanted something that was just classic and usable for everyday. 

I love large bags I carry them everyday and this Neverfull MM is the perfect size. I never see people wear their Neverfulls cinched in and I absolutely love it that way. It looks even more like an everyday bag with such a great shape. I also went with the Epi leather because it's different I haven't seen very many people with it. It is comfortable to wear and not big or awkward with it's top handle. I love the bag and everything about it! I am soooo excited!




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