Two Years of Marriage

My anniversary is this weekend and I cannot believe I have been someones wife for two years already! I love sharing my young love story in hopes of motivating and inspiring others. Not just  love but unconditional love is something that everyone should experience. I truly believe that there is someone for everyone and that someone will show up when the time is right in your life. 

I wasn't in any rush to get married however there were somethings that I did want to have in place. Something I heard a lot was "why can't you wait?" My answer was I can wait but I simply don't want to. I know what I want and why wait if I am sure. I also just happened to be blessed enough to find someone who felt the exact same way. 

Being married is the best! It's like having a permanent live in best friend.  We share the same values, morals, and goals which makes things that much easier. Of course we have our disagreements but the thing I love most is how short the disagreements and arguments last. 

My husband has been such a great friend first and then husband. He's so understanding and he has taught me so much. I think it is very important to be with someone that can teach you things and motivate you to be the best you that you can be. Its great to be with someone you can have endless and great conversation with about any and everything. Its been such a great experience and I am looking forward to our future together we have so many things in store and I am just so excited every time I think about my future with my husband. 


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