I cannot tell you all how excited I am about this collection! So excited that I took the day off from work months ago when the collection was announced! They have finally released the photos for the line and let me tell you there are some things I will be buying from the Men's line as well as the women's.

 The collaboration still carries the rich colors and textures that are seen on the Balmain runway collections and mixed with an edgy military vibe.

See the collection below



The Wedding Series!

As many of you may know I am married and have been for two years now. At year five my husband and I will finally be having our wedding ( which will be a renewal of our vows) ! I will be documenting the journey along the way since it is something that I have already started planning and preparing for and it is one of the most fun times that will allow me to combine everything I love from fashion, design, decor and traveling! 

Please check back and stay tuned you won't want to miss five years in the making! 

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